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 Social constructions permeate our everyday existence. They form conventions that are accepted as truths. Photography has a history of participating in the creation of perception, which reinforces the construct. My photographic practice is consumed by the notion of social construction, and the perception of the construct is rooted within my own personal experiences. I challenge the viewer to examine the reasons and choices that created these constructions. The use of utilitarian architecture or common materials correlates the commonality of the structures to the way in which a social construct operates.

I use materials such as cardboard, paper, fencing, and wire to create studio constructs. These studio constructs reference complex issues while using simple common materials. The purpose for this is to allow the viewer’s subjectivity to aid in the decoding of the images. This subjectivity allows the images to allude to issues of race, power, control, and assimilation, all of which function within social constructs. - (630)460-2843 - Web Site and Content are the Property of Juan Fernandez. All Rights Reserved.